What are your candles made of?

Our candles are made from a premium soy wax, cotton wick with a natural wax coating, and scented oils.

What are top, middle, and bottom notes?

The top note is the initial impression of the scent, the middle is the main body of the scent, and the bottom is the final impression of the scent.

 How long can I burn my candle for?

Candles should burn for no longer than 4-5 hours at a time. Make sure to check out our Candle Care section on our home page for instructions on how to properly care for and extend the life of your candle.

Why choose a soy wax candle over other candles?

Soy wax is a vegetable wax produced from the oil of soybeans, making it an environmentally friendly choice. There are not only "health" advantages when choosing to burn soy wax candles, but soy wax also burns slower than other waxes like paraffin so you will get a candle that lasts longer.

Do you have a store?

Currently we do not have a stand alone store but you can check out our home page to see a list of retailers we are partnered with.