About Us

 Marblehead Candle Company

Marblehead Candle Company was founded in 2020 by a local couple who were inspired by their love for candles and the town that they call home.

All of our candles are hand poured in the heart of Marblehead in small batches. With your well-being and the environment in mind, our candles have been mindfully sourced using premium soy wax and high quality, clean fragrance oils. Each scent  in our collection was carefully crafted to recreate your favorite memories of life here on the coast.

When shopping our candles you will find that our fragrance notes or "scents" are not listed on our labels. We did this on purpose. During the creative process of candle making we came to realize that you can't judge a scent by the fragrance notes listed. We thought back on the all of times that we had overlooked a candle based on the scent listed on the label and decided we wanted to create a different experience. We wanted you to fall in love with a candle based off its fragrance and not off the notes that were listed on the label.

We know that the experience of choosing a scent based off its smell, how it looks, and how it feels is an in person experience and not an experience we can create for all, so we do have the fragrance notes listed with each of our candles description. However, we do encourage you to not judge a book by it cover. Aka: Don't judge a scent based off the fragrance notes listed. 

When creating Marblehead Candle Company it was our vision to create a long lasting, high quality, great smelling candle that was better for the environment, for you,and for your family. We feel we have accomplished that. We have put our hearts and souls into creating this collection and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.